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We believe that within China and the whole of Asia, no other company is able to draw upon our blend of expertise and experience to deliver our level of reliability, clarity and value to your fixture program.

As you work with us your team will benefit from Modern Space’s advantages in the following:

  • Asia’s leader in high-quality retail space design
  • Competitive prices
  • Direct communication with the manufacturer
  • Modern Space is a Global Group – facilities in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Chicago and London.
  • No language or cultural barriers
  • State-of-the-art, high-capacity manufacturing facilities
  • On-site project management
  • On-site engineering staff
  • Quicker turn around on quotes
  • Shorter lead-times on production
  • Shorter transportation time
  • Economies of scale

Modern Space Asia China Advantage


Most technologically advanced and modern store fixture manufacturing facilities in Asia, incorporating the latest in high-tech manufacturing, management, inventory control and logistics.


Own and operate full-service warehousing and logistics centers from China to North America to meet and exceed our partners full-service fixture needs.


Irreplaceable wealth of on the ground experience and history. We leverage for you our knowledge and relationships gained from years of hard work, developing partnerships and trial and error in China.


We combine our Western management philosophy with the best practices of our international and Chinese team members to achieve a truly unique and unmatched operational aptitude.